A Letter from BASYS COO Jen Alexander

18 Mar A Letter from BASYS COO Jen Alexander

In honor of BASYS’ 20th anniversary, we would like to share the inspiring letter COO Jen Alexander sent to all BASYS employees. As a valued bank partner, we appreciate the opportunity to serve you and are looking forward to a bright future together. 

Twenty years! Today marks the 20th anniversary of BASYS! It is a cliché saying but so true in my experience: time flies by in the blink of an eye! When I look back over our 20 years, two words stand out to me: growth and consistency. Both Brad and I have grown in so many ways, both in our personal and professional lives. We have had children and seen them grow through every phase of development; the good, the bad and the ugly (teenagers!). As a result of that growth, we have also seen them evolve into the beautiful and complicated beings they are today. 

I have been proud to see this same growth and evolution in BASYS—from the days when the number of merchants we had could fit in half a file drawer (yes, paper files and fax machines were still in use then), to filling up so many filing cabinets that we had to put them in the warehouse because they couldn’t fit in our office space any longer. Karen W., Kim B. and Whitney were very familiar with our file cabinet labyrinth!  

We are digital now, so it is more difficult to see the number of merchants we have now represented by the number of filing cabinets, but we can feel it in the number of account sales that are proposed and closed, the number of new applications we process, the number of service calls and emails we make and receive and the number of terminals and VAR setups we deploy.  

We have grown year after year during every one of our last 20 years. That is something to truly feel proud and blessed about! Our longevity, along with the consistency of our full-service model, is not the norm in our industry, and we should all be immensely proud of this!  

All this growth could not have been accomplished without every person, all the members of #teamBASYS, both past and present, who have grown and evolved right along with us. It is your daily and ongoing hard work, your dedication to our merchants and partners, and your support of your team and each other that has directly resulted in our growth each year, while maintaining consistency and excellent level of service that we have built our reputation upon with our merchants and partners. 

As we continue to grow and look forward to the next 20 years, I want to challenge all of us to continue to find new ways to accomplish our growth goals, both personally and professionally. We need to keep our focus on maintaining our high standard levels of consistency and reliability by ensuring we are providing the best service possible during every one of our interactions with both our merchants and partners, as well as internally within and between our teams. 

Our merchants helped us achieve these amazing 20 years in business, but it was our service, service, service that kept them with us along the way. We need to be vigilant and keep our service level up to these extremely high standards we have set for ourselves. By doing this, I have no doubt we will be able to continue growing and have another successful 20 years!