iQ Pro Conversion FAQ

iQ Pro Conversion FAQ

Why are merchants being asked to convert to iQ Pro?

iQ Pro was developed by the same team who brought you BASYS IQ! With an updated user interface as well as many new and improved features, iQ Pro is the future of virtual terminals for your business. To continue offering new features, product improvements, and the best processing experience possible, all existing BASYS IQ accounts are transitioning to our new virtual terminal – iQ Pro! This conversion will target all current merchants using BASYS IQ.


• In an effort to make the transition to iQ Pro as seamless as possible, our teams are embarking on strategically converting all existing BASYS IQ accounts to our new and improved virtual terminal- iQ Pro!

Is converting to iQ Pro required?

• Yes, all current BASYS IQ accounts will be required to convert to iQ Pro and the BASYS IQ platform will be sunset. Estimated completion is scheduled for Q2 2022.


• The iQ Pro Conversion will kick off September 2021. More specific dates will be communicated via your Partner Support Manager as we get closer to beginning this conversion.


• Follow the progress in Sugar

• We will provide our partners with customized Sugar Dashboards to be able to follow along with progress as your merchants move through this conversion process.

• For an example of what this Sugar Dashboard will look like along with explanations of each Conversion Case status, please see below:

1. NEW

• Merchants have an iQ Pro Conversion Case created in Sugar and are being placed into an upcoming Open Enrollment “wave”.

• Once this exact “wave date” is identified it will move into the next case status: MARKETING. To see “wave groups” click here.



• Merchants are receiving a series of weekly emails to both standard and admin users of BASYS IQ.

• These emails highlight the benefits of iQ Pro as well as new and improved features.

• The emails also prepare this merchant for the next stage – OPEN ENROLLMENT.



• Merchants in this status can officially book their training!

• The open enrollment date can be found in the iQ Pro Conversion case.

• Merchants will be able to use a Bookings link to schedule training on their own.

• In addition, our iQ Pro Conversion Team will be reaching out to these merchants both by email and phone to schedule training.

• If you would like to request a training date/time on behalf of a merchant in this status, please fill out the Training Request Form and email to and we will be happy to get this training scheduled on behalf of the merchant.



• Merchants have scheduled their training.

• Leading up to their scheduled training date (can be found in Sugar case) the merchants’ data migration and Gateway creation will be completed by our iQ Pro Conversion Team.

• iQ Pro credentials and final meeting details will be emailed to the individual who booked the training.



• Merchants have completed their iQ Pro training.

• Their BASYS IQ account will be deactivated 24 hours after training is complete.

• Then the Sugar case will move to the final status: CONVERSION COMPLETE.



• Merchant’s old BASYS IQ gateway has been deactivated and their BIE record for BASYS IQ in Sugar has been Deactivated.

• iQ Pro conversion is considered complete.

Will iQ Pro cost more than BASYS IQ?

• All merchants converting to iQ Pro will be subject to adjustments to FSC 417 (Gateway Fee). This is due to the need to standardize all pricing for iQ Pro in order to eliminate losses or errors. We understand our partners enjoy the flexibility of setting pricing for their merchants and if you would like to conduct a rate review for a merchant as a result of the added iQ Pro fees, please submit a pricing request in Sugar for Analytics. Pricing adjustments will go into effect on the first billing statement following a merchants completed conversion. The monthly cost equivalents for iQ Pro are as follows:

• Full transparency will be provided to merchants converting to iQ Pro as to the increased gateway fees and when said fees will go into effect. This transparency will be provided to merchants in the following ways:

• When Scheduling Training- merchants will be required to view and agree to the new monthly gateway costs.

• During Training- our iQ Pro training team will be prepared to answer any questions about pricing updates with merchants.

• Post Conversion Email Communication- Once training is complete, a ‘recap email’ will be sent to the merchant, and pricing adjustments will be highlighted here as well.


• Customer Support, MSMs, and PSMs will be available to answer any questions or clarifications about these pricing adjustments and partners can also now see in Sugar what a given merchant’s FSC417 is currently loaded at.

What process will our merchants be going through?

• Our team has worked very hard to come up with a logical and straightforward process to convert merchants from Basys IQ to iQ Pro. Our goal is to anticipate the variability of our merchants’ current processing needs ahead of time and also create procedures and processes for each department to execute the necessary tasks involved in making this transition smooth.


• Please review the iQ Pro Conversion Process for an overview.

How can we help with this process?

• We are very excited to have our partners assist with getting merchants going through this conversion transitioned over to iQ Pro!


• If you would like to request a specific date/time for a merchants iQ Pro Training, please complete the Training Request Form and email to and we will be happy to book the training appointment on behalf of your merchant. Note: Only merchants in the OPEN ENROLLMENT case status will be eligible to book training.

Why can’t we convert a merchant early?

• This conversion spans all BASYS partners, industries, and factors in transitioning of all IQ features for our merchants. Due to the complex nature of this conversion, it is imperative that our iQ Pro Conversion Team execute the rollout of this conversion on a controlled basis, to ensure customer and partner satisfaction. Thank you for your understanding.

What questions might you receive from merchants on your portfolio?

• It is possible, as communication begins preparing our merchants for this conversion process, that you might receive calls or emails from merchants within your portfolio with questions. Please see the following Frequently Asked Questions that will be provided to merchants.


Additional questions?

• As always, don’t hesitate to communicate with your Partner Support Manager or call our Customer Support team (800) 386-0711 or email to with any questions or concerns.